Peanut Press Café

The Peanut Press Café was a café, pizza place, arts and events venue in Tollcross, Edinburgh. Home to Peanut Press and host to events of all kinds, the café was a creative hub right in the heart of the city. Historically one could've joined us at an event or popped by for a coffee and the best pizza in town! One might've got in touch if you were looking for a venue for a gig, a life-drawing class, a gallery for your work, or anything else; we would've see what we could do..

24 Brougham Street,

Edinburgh, EH3 9JH

Was open Everyday 11 - 8



Margherita £7.5

Pepperoni £8

Verdure £8

Vegan £8

Ice Cream £3

Affogato £3 

Cookie £1

Drinks (Hot or Iced)

Espresso/Americano £2

Cappuccino/Latté/Flat White £2.5

Tea £2

Iced Tea £2.5 

San Pellegrino £1